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DRABBLE: Better Things [RPFS, Kyungri/Sungah]

reposting from meme for archival purposes

Title: Better Things
Fandom: RPFS, K-Pop, Nine Muses
Pairing: Kyungri/Sungah
Rating: R
Notes: baking cookies

"are you just going to stare or what?" sungah motions for kyungri to come closer.

"um," kyungri tries to look anywhere that's not skin, "nice bra."

"it'll look better on the kitchen floor," sungah says and pulls kyungri the rest of the way to her. her mouth tastes like the chocolate she had been sneaking all day and sungah pulls kyungri tight against her.

kyungri's hands finally settle on her waist and her skin burns, aching to feel more of kyungri's skin.

sungah pulls kyungri's messy shirt up and her lips make a messy trail down her neck and to the top of her breasts.

she feels the clasp of her bra come undone and kyungri pushes her against the counter. the cold air on her breasts is replaced with kyungri's hands and sungah's back arches off the counter, hands pulling at kyungri's hair.

kyungri's hands scratch and slither down her front and stop teasingly at her waistband. her hands slip behind her and curve around her ass, kyungri lifts sungah up on the counter and as soon as she's settled, kyungri pulls down her panties.

a chiming noise goes off and sungah nearly falls off the counter.

"fuck, the cookies."

(Anonymous) 2013-06-26 03:48 am (UTC)(link)
no idea why nobody has commented on this. this was cute/humorous/sexy just ugh everything sungah and kyungri would be ;__;

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haha aww, you're sweet. thanks! <3