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massive post of reposting

Title: B-Sides
Fandom: RPFS, K-Pop, Kara/SNSD
Pairing: Hara/Jessica, Hara/Yoona
Rating: PG-13
Notes: hara is newly single, jessica is...

choose your own adventure!

jessica is:
a. annoyed hara didn't inform her of her newly single status [proceed to i don't have no trouble with you fucking me]
b. a dweeb and asks hara out to coffee [proceed to i'm gonna make somebody love me]
c. forever friendzoned [proceed to sexy]

i don't have no trouble with you fucking me (but i have a little problem with you not fucking me)

she storms over to hara's place as soon as she hears about it and is pissed. she pushes her way into the apartment as soon as hara opens the door.

"what the fuck, how long have you been single?"

"uh, hi?" hara steps back and looks at her in confusion. she must have caught her right when she got out of the shower because she's in a robe and her wet hair was dropping water everywhere.

and, yeah, she's caught off guard for a moment but how could she not be? that robe is definitely not modest enough. or maybe it's too modest, because she can see the swell of hara's breasts under the thin fabric but she's not really seeing it. her eyes wander down and clearly the robe could benefit from being shorter. she can see legs and thighs but not that specific spot on the inside of hara's thigh that she knows makes her squirm.

"hey," hara's fingers snap in front of her face, "eyes up here."

jessica slowly trails her eyes back up and looks at hara impassively. "were you ever going to tell me?"

"well, yeah," hara says with a shrug. "eventually."

so that's how it is. jessica narrows her eyes at hara and turns to leave.

"oh my god you are impossible."

she doesn't manage to get the door open; she can't even see the door anymore, hara grabs her and turns her around and pushes up against her until her back hits the door.

somewhere between hara fisting her hands in her hair and jessica's surprised yelp getting lost in hara's mouth, hara's robe managed to fall to the ground.

her hands skim over the curve of hara's ass and cup the back of her thighs, pulling until she lifts hara and she wraps her legs around her. hara's lips leave sloppy kisses across her neck and she knows she's going to need a scarf tomorrow. "you ass," she moans. it's going to look real weird to wear a scarf during her yoga session.

she walks them to the couch and lets hara fall on her back. jessica kisses the grin off hara's face until she's panting and her hands are pushing her thighs apart.

she's not making sure hara can't wear short shorts for the rest of the week because she's full of revenge or anything; she's just making sure hara knows she's still got it.

i'm gonna make somebody love me (and now i know that it's you, you're lucky lucky you're so lucky!)

jessica waits exactly two weeks before she makes her move; it's the polite thing to do after all.

"so," she clears her throat and looks at anything except hara. "we should get coffee sometime."

"i thought you hated coffee," hara says from the end of the couch.

"no," jessica fiddles with the throw pillow in her lap, "i mean we should get coffee." it's not her fault she's terrible at this. it's not her fault she's had like zero practice. and it's definitely not her fault that she usually lets everyone else approach her.

she can see hara looking at her from the corner of her eye and braces herself as she turns to face hara directly. hara stares back at her in puzzlement until something akin to realization flashes across her face.



jessica sinks into the couch and prays for it to open up and swallow her, embarrassment and all.

but then hara is scooting down the couch until their sides are pressed against each other and hara grabs her hand.

"you know," hara drawls, "i'm pretty sure i have coffee in the kitchen."

sexy (no no no)

after her breakup, hara starts hanging out at her dorm a lot more. like, a lot.

it's nice. even the other girls are starting to get to know her better which is awesome. she always feel a sense of accomplishment when her friends are friends with each other. it's not like she has anything to do with it, even though it probably totally does.

but when she comes home one day to see hara already there hanging out with yoona, something feels off.

like, hara didn't come over for her and happened to find yoona and just hung out with her until she came home; it's like she purposefully came over for yoona.

it's weird, but it's probably weirder that she finds herself having a problem with it. it's not like hara was only her friend, she's allowed to have other friends. but, still. did no one have any sense of loyalty anymore? jesus.

they look up at her and grin.

"oh, hey, you're home. sit down, we're about to watch terrible movies," yoona says around a mouthful of popcorn.

the nerve.

jessica holds her head high and makes her way to her room, airily throwing out an excuse about having things to do.

it takes her about a week to notice that whenever hara comes over, it's to hang out with yoona. it shouldn't bother her so much, she's been busy with her own stuff so it's not like they would've hung out anyway. but, still.

the quiet giggling in yoona's room lets her know that hara is in there with her and she bursts through the door, ready to accuse them of being jerks and how uncool they were and yoona you traitor.

everything she has to say dies on the tip of her tongue when she sees hara straddling yoona in her bra.


she retreats from the room and slams the door before either of them can say anything. she sulks back to her own room and curls up on her bed.

Title: By the Throat
Fandom: RPFS, K-Pop, f(x)
Pairing: Krystal/Sulli
Rating: NC-17
Notes: jinri and soojung are weird and creepy and it shows in the sex.

the sex is a result of them being bored more than anything else, really.

like, having days off is great and all but since sm refuses to actually give them anything of substance to do in terms of material and promotions, they end up with a little too much free time and a tired restlessness.

soojung lurks around the dorm and prints out creepy pictures she finds on the internet because she's an asshole; but jinri doesn't really mind because sometimes they're actually pretty cool. only soojung would get why she finds the plainness of a rundown abandoned building so fascinating. the others don't get it, of course they don't. it's fine, though, because appreciating weirdness tends to be a solo activity anyway.

but sometimes she and soojung appreciate weirdness together and it should make things awkward except it doesn't.

most of the time they don't even talk so it's hard to feel awkward if no one even gives voice to it.

it starts out innocently enough. one moment they're sharing a laptop screen looking at grainy black and white pictures of artsy topless girls and the next they're looking at each other. soojung's the first one to make a move because that's just how she is: act first, ask questions later.

but soojung leans in and kisses her like there won't be any questions and it makes jinri kiss her back without a second thought. it's like soojung knows they're on the same page and it makes her kiss a little harder, brush up a little closer.

soojung climbs on top of her and they roll around until they're tangled up in each other and the sheets. the laptop falls off the bed and soon their clothes follow it in a heap on the floor.

jinri straddles soojung and leans over her, hands slithering down her body and over her breasts. she's all bones and pale skin and she clashes against the blood red sheets. for a brief moment she thinks of how it'd look if either or both of them kept their lipstick on from the morning's shoot. she'd be able to leave a trail of ruby kisses down soojung and map out her body with her mouth.

she still does it, though, she just imagines what it would look like. she thinks of how the lipstick would smudge when she kisses the inside of soojung's thigh and she squirms, leaving a crimson path of buildup and anticipation.

her fingers hover near the heat and wetness, never giving any one part too much focus. she lightly brushes against soojung's clit and watches her writhe, a mess of heavy breathing and sharp glares under hooded eyes.

when she finally lets soojung come, she's still trembling when she grabs her and flips them until jinri is beneath hot flesh, body humming with want.

the look in soojung's eyes make her think she should have taken her time and tried to wear her out more but then soojung licks her way down straight to her clit without any pretenses of playing games and jinri stops thinking.

Title: Don't You Dream in Your Sleep (It's Just Lazy)
Fandom: RPFS, K-Pop, f(x)
Pairing: Krystal/Sulli
Rating: NC-17
Notes: birthday sex

birthdays are the best.

like, literally. jinri might be stumbling down the hotel hallway with soojung by her side, each trying to keep each other upright but it's exactly why her birthday is so awesome. she doesn't even care she didn't get to have all her other friends in korea with her, california is awesome. even anna stopped by the club with her friends, all sharp angles tucked into a tiny ball of sarcasm.

(well, that's what soojung and amber tell her anyway. it doesn't actually matter, though, what little she can pick up is hilarious and anna makes a lot of faces when she talks which is always a good time.)

jinri trails after amber, knowing that the night is far from over when soojung pulls her towards their shared room.

the others fall into amber's room and somewhere in the cacophony, jinri hears a mention of strip twister and jinri pouts at soojung. "it's my birthday, let me go play."

the look soojung gives her is somewhere between filthy and smug and on anyone else, she'd have the overwhelming urge to punch it right off but it's soojung, and when she leans in, hot breath ghosting over her ear, jinri feels like prey.

"who says we're not going to play?" the door opens and soojung pulls her inside, kicking off her heels.

jinri gets her height advantage back but she still feels like soojung has the upper hand somehow.

the room service cart in the middle of the room was definitely not there when they left that morning. "did someone sneak in our room? oh my god, did you order a stripper?"

"you'd like that, wouldn't you," soojung says tartly.

jinri inspects the room, sure that someone is going to pop out somewhere either to kidnap them or shake their naughty bits at them. when her eyes fall back on soojung, she's got nearly all her clothes off and is standing next to the cart in her really nice lingerie and oh.

so, soojung's going to shake her naughty bits at her and that's totally fine.

"i'm going to let you do that thing i never let you do," soojung says and lifts the metal cover from the tray on the cart.

ice cream.

and more ice cream.

and fuck, "you're going to let me eat ice cream off you?"

soojung sits on the edge of the bed and leans back. "happy birthday, now get on with it before i change my mind."

"no take backs!" jinri pounces on her and pins her arms down. "seriously," she says and pecks soojung on the lips.

soojung grabs her by the back of her neck and pulls her in for a deep kiss. she sits up and pulls jinri's legs until she's fully in her lap, legs wrapped around soojung's thin frame.

"no take backs," soojung says, hands wandering up the front of jinri's shirt.

jinri lets her pull the shirt off before she gets off soojung's lap and goes to the cart. she grabs a bowl of ice cream and makes her way back to the bed, motioning for soojung to lie back. she must have a ridiculously ecstatic expression on her face because soojung is looking at her like she's about to get up and put her clothes back on.

she straddles soojung, holding a spoonful of ice cream over soojung's chest and grins down at her.

"oh my god just do—"

soojung shrieks as soon as the cold ice cream hits her and she flails, knocking jinri off her lap.

jinri crawls back on top of her, not even bothering to contain her laughter. she tugs at soojung's bra and says, "let me help." the bra pops off and she uses it to wipe the ice cream off soojung and soojung slaps her hand away with a glare.

"you did not just get ice cream on my bra."

jinri looks back and forth at soojung and the bra, and, oh. "oops?"

soojung rolls her eyes. "i should have just stuck with my original plan of eating you out for an hour."

"no take backs," jinri says and narrows her eyes.

"too bad." soojung flips them until jinri is on her back and soojung shimmies her way down her body, leaving kisses on her chest and stomach. she tugs her pants off and cups her over her panties. she looks up at jinri and her expression goes from ready to fuck to annoyed. again. "you are so not eating ice cream while i go down on you," she says, eyeing the bowl still in jinri's hands.

"of course not," she says, not putting the bowl down.

soojung lets out a huff and pulls her panties off. as soon as her tongue strokes her clit, the bowl slips from jinri's hand and she presses up against soojung's mouth.

okay, so, maybe the ice cream can wait.

jinri's hands dig into soojung's scalp and the grip soojung has on her thighs makes her think she won't be able to wear her new skirt tomorrow, which is totally fine because soojung's tongue circles her entrance and she thinks she'd rather do this all day tomorrow anyway.

soojung presses down on her mound as her tongue moves in and out of her slowly. jinri arches off the bed and moves her hips in time with soojung's mouth, desperate for friction. when her thumb presses down on jinri's clit, she fists her hands in the sheets and hopes the walls are soundproof.

they probably are, they're in a hotel after all. so, jinri lets herself get loud and moans like soojung is fucking her like it's her birthday.

because she is.

Title: Mixed Business
Fandom: RPFS, K-Pop, After School/Hello Venus
Pairing: Ara/E-Young
Rating: NC-17
Notes: e-young putting her mastery of guitar to good use.

all those times she had to practice scales is finally paying off because ara's bra is already on the ground and she doesn't even remember unhooking it; she's that good.

and then she finds out that learning to finger pick and tap at the same time is great for her multitasking abilities because she's got her mouth on ara's, one hand teasing a nipple, and the other hand slipping past her waistband and seeking out her clit.

and really, ara's body is just one long fretboard. when she applies just the right amount of pressure on a string to get a harmonic is the same as pushing down on ara's clit just so and making her back arch off the bed. and the noises ara makes is not unlike the soft bell-like tones of a just perfect fifth.

but speaking of harmonics, she's reminded of that time she learned how to do tapping harmonics and gets a great idea. so she breaks their kiss and placates ara's whine by kissing her way down until ara is writhing beneath her. her left hand applies pressure on her clit while the other slowly thrusts in and out of ara. press on one fret, tap the other. the satisfaction of nailing a van halen solo is nothing compared to the breathy moans ara lets out and the way her thighs clench around her.

she curls her fingers inside ara and replaces her left hand with her mouth, tongue flicking at ara's clit. ara's thighs around her head press hard enough for her to hear ringing in her ears and she doesn't stop until ara tightens around her fingers.

when ara is finally coming down, breaths coming in raggedly, she kisses her way back up ara's body and to her mouth.

it's probably inappropriate to send her old guitar teacher a thank you card, right?

Title: Spring Standards
Fandom: RPFS, K-Pop, Nine Muses
Pairing: Hyuna/Sungah
Rating: R
Notes: hyuna is an ass and doesn't let sungah nap

sungah groggily opens her eyes to the feel of her shirt being tugged up and she can't tell if she's still asleep or not until there are lips on her neck, placing light kisses and occasionally biting hard enough to jolt her fully awake.

"good, you're awake," hyuna says and pushes sungah's shirt all the way up.

"what the hell?"

hyuna kisses her instead of answering and palms her breasts. sungah's back arches off the couch and she opens her mouth and lets hyuna's tongue sweep in. when hyuna kisses her way down her neck and between her breasts, sungah remembers that she's supposed to be annoyed.

"i was trying to sleep," she says in between moans.

"you can sleep through this if you want." hyuna hooks her thumbs under her waistband and pulls both her tights and panties down to her thighs

Title: Triple Trouble
Fandom: RPFS, K-Pop, SNSD
Pairing: Jessica, Tiffany
Rating: PG-13
Notes: secret agents au. jessica's in drag, tiffany's not as clueless as she lets on. one day I will fully develop this because I need more jeti in my life.

jessica pulled her cap down and adjusted her too baggy blazer. nothing fit right and she was sweaty. "the next time we have an undercover op, you assholes get to play dress up," she muttered into her mic.

"but you make such a hot guy though!" hyoyeon laughed from the other end.

"target's on the scene," sunny cut into their conversation.

jessica scanned her surroundings until she spotted the target walking briskly across the lobby. she caught up to her and pitched her voice as low as she could. "hello, miss tiffany? i work for your father and i've been asked to get some assessments from you."

"oh my god, she sounds like a boy going through puberty." hyoyeon was laughing into her ear and jessica bit the inside of her cheek to keep from yelling back at her.

tiffany looked her up and down and jessica fisted her hands in her pocket. there's no way this was going to work, she knows, she has to.

"you're a little young to be working for my dad," tiffany finally said.

jessica cleared her throat. "i rose through the ranks pretty quickly. ambitious," she said with a shrug.

"right." tiffany gave her a final look before turning on her heel and continuing walking. "can we do this while we walk? i'm late for a meeting, mister..."

"anderson," jessica said without thinking, "matt anderson."

"jessica." hyoyeon sounded serious. "could you have come up with an even faker name? jesus."

jessica ignored her and picked up her pace to keep up with tiffany. "i assure you this will be quick." she spotted the keycard hanging near tiffany's waist. it was now or never. she bumped into tiffany and unpinned the keycard in one swift move. "excuse me, i'm so sorry."

tiffany steadied herself and fixed her with a look. "ambitious and clumsy," she said and continued walking. she pulled out her phone and looked back at jessica. "so what does my dad want? my department has been keeping everything in check."

"yes, of course," jessica said, trailing behind tiffany. "there's just been some minor concerns with this quarter's stonewall reports."

tiffany stopped in front of the elevator and jessica stood next to her. "i think she might be trying to make a call," jessica said under her breath, eyeing tiffany's phone.

"on it," came sunny's reply.

the elevator doors opened and they stepped inside. tiffany pushed the button for the thirtieth floor. research and design. tiffany was in public relations, why would she have a meeting with research and design?

"so what's wrong with the reports?" tiffany asked, not looking up from her phone.

"there seems to be some key information missing." she could feel tiffany looking at her and jessica stiffened. she played with the keycard in her pocket and willed for the elevator to go faster.

tiffany reached out and pushed the emergency button and the elevator jolted to a stop.

jessica was about to reach around for her gun when tiffany stepped in front of her.

"who are you?"

the faint echo of the emergency alarm was going off outside the elevator doors. someone would be coming for them soon.

"there is no matt anderson in any of the employee rosters," tiffany said and stepped closer to her. she placed a hand on her chest and pushed her back against the wall. "how do you know about stonewall?"

jessica put her hands up. she wasn't going to need her gun.

tiffany looked scared.

Title: When I'm Small
Fandom: RPFS, K-Pop, Hello Venus/T-ara
Pairing: Jiyeon/Yoonjo
Rating: G
Notes: weirdos who get each other.

she gets her, even when it seems like she doesn't but that's not through any fault of her own, her face is just kind of always like that. blank, unwavering, indifferent.

that's fine, though. not everyone needs to be able to understand that just because it looks like she's not listening that she actually isn't. jiyeon gets her just fine and that's all that matters, really.

"what do you want to do today?" jiyeon bounces a ball against the wall.

"whatever you want to."

"movie?" bounce. "hang out at the pier?" bounce. "shopping?" bouncebouncebounce.

jiyeon overestimates her throw and the ball's trajectory overshoots her arms' ability to reach it. she sits and watches the ball bounce away, a sad look on her face.

yoonjo doesn't think it's because she lost her ball. "you don't really want to go out today, do you?"

"not really." jiyeon flops down on the bed and faceplants into the pillow.

yoonjo crawls next to her and swings an arm around jiyeon's stomach. "let's do this then," she says and nuzzles her face into jiyeon's hair.

jiyeon lets out a squeak of consent and pulls the blanket up around them.

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