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Title: Baby Gimme That Toot Toot (Lemme Give You That Beep Beep)
Fandom: RPFS, Sistar
Pairing: Dasom/Soyu
Rating: R
Prompt: greasy mechanic A and her sexy socialite girlfriend B. A and B totally have sex in or on B's luxury car.

"are you done for the day?"

soyu wipes her hands on her pants and strolls towards dasom's car. "for you i am."

two door lexus coupe. midnight black. it's sleek and posh and just so dasom. the manual engine isn't dasom, though, but that just means soyu had one hell of a week teaching her how to drive stick.

"you're so dirty," dasom says, looking soyu up and down.

"you love it." soyu closes the distance between them and catches dasom's lips with her own, pushing dasom back against her car.

dasom's sticky lip gloss slide down her neck, leaving waxy kisses and soyu pulls her back up and kisses her hard, swallowing her moan when soyu slips her cold hands up her shirt.

soyu wedges a knee between dasom's legs and pushes until dasom is hissing and arching into her touch. her hands slide up dasom's thighs, positive she's leaving grease stains on her skin. up and up she goes until she reaches the waistband of dasom's panties and soyu grins into her neck. "i love it when you wear skirts."

"me too," dasom moans when soyu sucks hard enough to leave a mark. it's probably because of times like these that dasom has a vast collection of year round scarves.

soyu hooks her thumbs under the waistband and pulls the panties down dasom's thighs. she gives dasom a peck on the lips and a smirk before kissing her way down her neck and her stomach over her sheer shirt until she's looking up at dasom. she tugs a leg over her shoulder, kisses the inside of dasom's thigh, and smiles up at her. "look at all this effort i'm putting in to not getting you dirty."

dasom just breathes heavily and throws her head back against the car, too riled up to care about how clever soyu thinks she's being.

so, soyu puts her mouth to use elsewhere and manages to not leave grease marks where it matters, but dasom still ends up with handprints all over her thighs and stomach.


Title: Teenage Dirtbags
Fandom: RPFS, K-Pop, f(x), Girl's Day, Kara, Miss A
Pairing: Hyeri, Jiyoung, Krystal, Sulli, Suzy
Rating: PG-13
Prompt: gossipy school girls!au where each girl has her own 'concept' ie bad girl, the loud one etc and they recruit a fifth (anyone) member and argue about what her concept should be

hyeri watched the other girls circle her like hawks, ready to swoop in for a kill.

well, krystal looked ready to swoop in. the rest (mainly sulli and suzy, no, especially sulli and suzy) looked positively delighted to have her there.

"how about misfit?" suzy asked from somewhere behind hyeri.

"no, that's technically still me," krystal replied, sounding more bored than anything. "can we wrap this up soon? i want to go set yoonjo's stuff on fire."

"you promised you'd stop doing that," sulli said from beside krystal. hyeri didn't get it, how did this group manage to function for so long with those two occupying the same space for more than ten minutes? krystal was so... krystal and sulli was an absolute angel.

she didn't get it but she wanted in.

jiyoung pulled a chair up to hyeri, plopped herself down in front of her with her elbows propped on her knees and looked at hyeri calculatingly. suzy came up behind jiyoung and leaned against her back, head resting on top of hers, and then they were both staring at her. jiyoung looked at her like hyeri had something to hide and suzy looked like she was seconds away from telling her about her day.

"maybe we should just change your thing to pyromania," jiyoung said, looking at krystal. "that's what you do like ninety percent of the time anyway. rebels do more than just set fires, you know."

"i know! i do things," krystal said defensively.

"like what?"

"your mom."

hyeri snorted and everyone turned to look at her. "oh, um. sorry?" krystal and jiyoung looked super scary. sulli and suzy too, but in a really harmless kind of way. "wait, are we going with misfit? because if we are then i'm not sorry. but if we aren't then i am."

suzy gave her a thumbs up from behind jiyoung and she almost hopped up from her chair to high five her.

"how about geek chic?" sulli suggested, looking between krystal and jiyoung worriedly. "we could throw some glasses and plaid on her."

"we're halfway there, i'm already wearing plaid," hyeri said and this time she gave a thumbs up to sulli.

"oh," suzy cooed, "she's funny."

"you think you're real clever, don't you?" jiyoung said and stood from her chair. she towered over hyeri, a not quite challenging glint in her eyes.

"is this a trick question? because a teacher asked me this once and when i answered, she gave me detention for a week."

jiyoung cracked a smile and hyeri wanted to give herself a thumbs up. the queen bee thought she was funny, that's got to count for something.

the others joined jiyoung and they all stood in front of hyeri. if she didn't feel like prey before then she definitely felt like one or all of them were about to pounce on her.

(not that she'd mind if they actually did pounce on her, except that was just so inappropriate right now and her whole reputation and future at this stupid school was on the line. so, priorities.)

"joker?" jiyoung asked.

sulli and suzy nodded and/or grunted an affirmation and krystal let out a resounding, "hell yeah."

"cool." hyeri wanted to clap her hands and flail a little, but, yeah, priorities.

"finally," krystal said and started walking away. "let's go, losers. yoonjo's shit isn't gonna set itself on fire."


Title: Three People Who Love Coffee (and one who could do without)
Fandom: RPFS, K-Pop, After School, Hello Venus, Glam, Kara, Nine Muses, SNSD
Pairing: Eunji/Hyuna, Ara/Nana, Dahee/Zinni, Nicole/Tiffany
Rating: PG-13
Prompt: would you like to join me for coffee?


"What can I get you ladies?"

Hyuna halfheartedly glares at Eunji over the top of her menu and tries to remember what she was going to get. She can feel Eunji's foot sliding up her calf and there's no way the waitress can't see the flush forming on her face.

"We'll do two lattes and some biscottis," Eunji says when it becomes clear that Hyuna isn't capable of speaking coherently. Eunji smiles innocently at the waitress until she walks away. Her smile turns filthy when she turns back to Hyuna.

"You are such a freak. Why did I even agree to this?"

"Because," Eunji says and slides her foot along the inside of Hyuna's leg, "that's why."

Eunji is still leering at her when the waitress comes back.

"Enjoy," she says before walking away.

"Oh, we will."

Hyuna reaches for a biscotti and Eunji snatches it away from her.

"Here, let me!"

The biscotti is being shoved in her face and Hyuna has to remind herself not to make a scene.


Nana nods at Ara, not trusting herself to speak. She shouldn't be this nervous, it's not even a date, not really. All their friends are scattered around the coffee shop and Nana and Ara just happen to be the only ones in the secluded booth in the corner.

"We should do this more often." Ara plays with her coffee. Caramel macchiato, extra caramel. It suits her.

"Definitely." Nana doesn't dare pick up her cup, she's sure she must be trembling at the prospect of future not-dates. The calm way Ara seems to be able to carry herself in everything she does doesn't even make Nana envious, she just wants to see more of it, more of Ara.

She's so focused on staring at Ara that she doesn't realize that she's being spoken to.

"What?" She's looking at Ara with wide eyes. She doesn't mean to let her mind drift, it just kind of happens and it's hard not to when Ara's face is right there and a literal picture of perfection and oh my god why is she so bad at this.

"I like your bracelet," Ara says with a warm laugh.

"Oh, thanks!" Nana reaches out to give Ara a better look (and she'll think back to this moment later and wonder why she didn't just take it off in the first place) and forgets about her cup of lukewarm coffee and of course—of course—she knocks it over and spills a dark brown mess of way too strong coffee she doesn't even like.

It happens in slow motion because her life is that dramatic and she can see every single drop of coffee make its way out of the cup and onto the table.

Instead of succumbing to the urge to crawl under the table and die, Nana's eyes nearly pop out of their sockets and she frantically dabs at the mess with her napkin. "I'm so sorry. Did any of it spill on you? Oh my god," she wipes and wipes and wipes.

Ara grabs Nana's hand with her own, stilling her. "It's okay," she says with a smile.

She can't tell if the loud thud of her heartbeat ringing in her ears is from her own embarrassment or the way Ara is looking at her like she didn't just make a fool of herself.

"Gross! Stop corrupting the new kids!" Lizzy yells at them from across the shop.

Nana moves to pull her hand back but Ara holds on tightly, smile never wavering.


"They have fresh muffins!" Dahee squeals and grabs Zinni's arm. "Can we get one?"

"Uh," Zinni looks at the clock on the wall, "Jiyeon told us to come back right away with the coffee."

"We will!" Dahee pouts at her and it's increasingly difficult to deny her anything. Dahee knows this, it's why she does what she does because she plays dirty.

"Oh, fine."

Dahee is in line and ordering before Zinni even finishes agreeing. She pulls her towards a table, large muffin in hand and Zinni almost forgets the others' coffee at the counter.

"You only got one."

"Duh," Dahee says and breaks off a piece of the muffin. She holds it up to Zinni's face and her mouth opens on instinct—

("C'mon, you love strawberries," Dahee says and pushes the fruit against her lips.

She knows what she's trying to do and she tries her best not to give in because Jiyeon is going to be pissed if they're late again and she really needs to start racking up some brownie points for future use if Dahee is going to keep goading her into doing everything she says.

She does love strawberries though, but she has willpower, too, and she resists giving in to Dahee until she starts playing dirty.

Dahee's knee pushes against her between her thighs and her mouth falls open in a gasp, giving Dahee the chance to pop the strawberry in her mouth.

Zinni glares at her as best as she can and Dahee just bites down on the part of the strawberry protruding from her mouth and kisses her.)

—because she's learned she really loves it when Dahee feeds her even if she'll never admit to it.

Dahee feeds her bits of the muffin and Zinni tries to do the same, except she throws it at her and aims for her mouth as best as she can but it turns out she's terrible at food basketball and Dahee ends up with more muffin on her clothes than in her mouth.

When they finally make their way back to the studio, Jiyeon and Miso are waiting for them, staring them down with looks about as cold as the coffee she's holding.

She reaches out for Dahee's hand for the comfort of solidarity but grasps at air and when she looks to her side, Dahee is nowhere to be found. Her phone buzzes in her pocket and she doesn't even need to check it to know that Dahee sent a text with a cheeky apology.


"You know why I love New York?"

Tiffany looks up from her book as Nicole bounces into the room.

"There's literally a Starbucks on every corner. Like, literally."

"Oh no," Tiffany puts her book down. "Who let you have coffee?"

"No one," she says and pokes Tiffany in the stomach. "Me. I let myself have coffee. I'm the boss of me." She plops down on Tiffany's lap, arms around her neck.

"Yeah, you are," Tiffany says with a laugh and tries not to squirm when Nicole runs her fingers down the nape of her neck.

"Let's do something, go somewhere."


"I don't know, anything. Everything," Nicole says and plays with her hair. "I don't have rehearsal until four and you guys have yours even later. C'mon, we have all the time in the world."

Nicole beams at her and Tiffany can't bring herself to say no, so she doesn't. "Okay," she says, arms tightening around Nicole.

"Okay." Nicole leans down and kisses her, mouth tasting of chocolate and expresso.


Title: We're Up All Night for Good Fun (We're Up All Night to Get Lucky)
Fandom: RPFS, K-Pop, Nine Muses
Pairing: Sungah/Everyone
Rating: NC-17
Prompt: sungah is a woman with clear-cut goals. so what if one of these goals happens to be fucking everyone in nine muses?

sungah loves a good challenge but when her first target turns out to be anything but, she doesn't exactly complain. they've been dancing around it for a while anyway, it was just a matter when and where.

the when is after they've known each other long enough that it's not weird she's grinding on hyuna and the where is at a club opening they all get invited to. everyone's off doing their own thing and then there's her and hyuna and the dance floor.

it's crowded enough that she can use the excuse of drunk clubbers bumping into her for the reason why she's pressed so tightly against hyuna but from the way hyuna grabs her hips and sways against her, she doesn't think she minds too much.

she definitely must not mind because soon enough, hyuna leads her away from the crowd and slams her back against the door of an empty bathroom. sungah's not surprised when hyuna kisses her and hyuna's not surprised when she kisses back and forces hyuna's mouth open.

by the end of the night, sungah's glad she wore a skirt and hyuna's livid at her for ripping her expensive pantyhose.

really, it's not her fault she's the only one who decided to come prepared.

* * *

sera. sera turns out to not be much of a challenge either and sungah clues in on this fact the moment sera grabs her ass on stage.

it's enough of a green light for her and she grabs sera after their performance and pulls her into an empty equipment room. sera's hands claw at her clothes by the time she kisses her and sungah lifts her up onto a speaker.

her hands skim across sera's thighs and she's really glad she wore a really short dress today. she's even gladder when sera's panties slide off with ease and she feels just how wet she is. sera moans into her neck when she cups her and for a brief moment she considers pausing to try and figure out how to get the speaker beneath her working. she wants to be able to hear sera's moans echo and vibrate through her body.

sera's legs tighten around her when she brushes her thumb against her clit and sungah ends up getting sera to be loud without amplification.

* * *

when it finally happens with minha, it sort of ends up happening by accident.

they're alone in the living room watching a movie together late one night except sungah hates melodramatic movies so it's more of minha watching a movie and sungah half asleep against her side.

they don't talk about it later but if they did, sungah would blame it on her inability to distinguish reality from her dreams because she could've sworn she was watching a movie with hyuna the whole time and it was really dark and she was half asleep and it's their fault for looking so similar.

so, since she thought she was draped against hyuna, it's only natural that her hands started wandering under the blanket and up minha's thighs. and of course she still thinks it's hyuna because the thighs spread as soon as her hand reaches heat and she takes it as an invitation to let her fingers slide through slick folds.

she doesn't realize that it's not hyuna until the whimpering starts because hyuna always sounds she's close to coming and this not-hyuna sounded like they've only just begun.

she's fully awake by the time she realizes it's actually minha and at that point, she doesn't even bother to feel bad about thinking that she was fucking someone else and just focuses on getting minha off.

they end up having more movie nights together and sungah learns to love melodrama.

* * *

sungah wants to thank the genius who decided to let her and kyungri have a dance break together because it just makes her job so much easier.

they have to spend a lot of time together to practice it and practicing it meant a lot of touching each other. she loses count of how many times kyungri runs her hands up and down her body and she makes a note to send flowers to their choreographer.

she decides to just go for it while they're taking a break and pulls kyungri flush against her and kisses her right in the middle of the practice room. kyungri lets out a squeak and sungah cups her face gently, kissing her with just enough force to let kyungri back off.

kyungri doesn't back off, she pushes against sungah until they're on the ground and kyungri is straddling her and she can feel her breasts against her own.

when kyungri sits up and pulls her shirt off, sungah remembers that the practice room is nothing more than a room full of mirrors and no matter where she looked she saw kyungri's perky nipples. she smirks to no one in particular and pulls kyungri back down into a kiss, fingers immediately seeking out pert nipples and tweaking them.

the perks of being able to see the way kyungri writhes against her from four different angles when her hand moves down between her legs makes the practice room her new favorite place to have sex.

* * *

when sam and erin ambush her in her room one day, sungah wonders if they've all started talking to each other yet. the thought of everyone just sitting around and comparing orgasms is not exactly unappealing. sam and erin both in bikinis gifted by their sponsors isn't unappealing either and sungah thinks they must have great plans for her until they start talking about makeup.

this is how sungah ends up sandwiched between them on the bed and flipping through a magazine. somewhere between the bickering about what facial creams are superior and the merits of non-acidic cleansers, sungah starts entertaining the thought of getting them both to shut up in creative ways.

she places a hand on each of their bare thighs because when exactly is she going to get another chance to be sitting between them when they're half naked? she slides her hands up slowly and watches them go from bickering to trailing off and breathing heavily.

getting them to shut up was the easy part, getting them to put their mouths to other uses was the fun part.

* * *

sungah should have known that once she started thinking about how easy everything was going that she'd hit a road block. simple statistics would've told her as much but given her recent streak, it's not her fault she lets herself get cocky.

every time she tries to get eunji alone, something or other manages to get in the way.

sungah tells herself it's probably eunji's fault, anyway. she keeps telling herself that even as a week goes by of failed attempts and she's up all night in her room working through pent up sexual frustration. it's also eunji's fault that this is how eunji finds her, naked in her bed with her hands between her legs.

eunji doesn't say anything, just strips out of her clothes and crawls on top of her and kisses her.

sungah kisses back on instinct because it's the only way she knows how to do anything, it's how she managed to end up like this in the first place. instinct also gets her to flip eunji over until she's on top and grinding down on her thigh.

she pins eunji's hands down above her head and shows her just how much of a tease she's been all week.

* * *

"thanks a lot, jerk."

hyemi glares at her from the door of her room and sungah tries to remember if she did anything particularlry devious that day. she's pretty sure she didn't, she's been behaving all day because hyuna kept yelling at her.

"you're welcome?"

hyemi just slams the door shut and crosses her arms.

really, what did she even do?

"those treats were a gift. i was saving them! sera said she saw you take them."

sungah rolls her eyes and tosses the book she was reading aside. "of course she did. probably because she took them." she hops off her bed and stands in front of hyemi. "but if you want, we can pretend i did and i could make it up to you."


sungah surges forward and kisses hyemi, forcing her back against the door. what sounds like a muffled "oh" gets lost in the kiss and sungah runs her hands under hyemi's shirt, fingers brushing against warm skin. she walks hyemi back to her bed, removing her clothes as she goes. sungah's on top of her when hyemi's back hits the bed and she's only in her bra and panties.

she considers it a good afternoon when she manages to fuck hyemi so hard that she doesn't even notice the wrappers from her treats are scattered all over her desk.


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