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FIC: Baby, You Wouldn't Last a Minute on the Creek [RPFS, Eunji/Sera]

Title: Baby, You Wouldn't Last a Minute on the Creek
Fandom: RPFS, K-Pop, Nine Muses
Pairing: Eunji/Sera
Rating: PG-13
Notes: for [livejournal.com profile] my_winter_love because you're a champ and i hate you.

Eunji smirks at her right before they go on stage, mouths "I have a surprise for you," and shoots her a ridiculously lewd wink.

Sera laughs it off because she's used to it by now, how could she not be?

* * *

So, there are apparently things she's not quite used to after all. Eunji pulling her into an impromptu tango on stage happens to be one of them.

She plays along, lets Eunji take the lead since it's probably the only time Eunji ever will.

Afterwards, Eunji shouts "I knew you had it in you," at her and stalks off with an arm thrown over Hyuna.

Kyungri eyes her calmly, face a perfectly blank mask of indifference if not for the raised eyebrow.


"Nothing," she assures her. She lets herself be pulled away by Minha, eyes on Sera until she's lost in the crowd.

"And people say I'm the weird one," she mutters to herself. Honestly.

* * *

It happens again and this time Sera is ready for it. She's nothing if not belatedly prepared.

She's not sure what she expected other than Eunji's sporadic predictability. It's the same old song and dance but Sera still feels, well, something.

Eunji is formulaic, Sera knows this as well as anyone. She pushes and pulls at people's buttons like it's all a game to her but it's never with malicious intentions. Sometimes she thinks Eunji just does it for fun, for the various reactions she knows she can get out of everyone.

Other times she thinks it's because Eunji is an ass and does it specifically to get a rise out of her, only to leave her hanging.

"Hey there gorgeous," Eunji says tartly before brushing by her unnecessarily close.

Sera wants to grab her by the wrist and slam her against the wall. She's tempted to start pushing Eunji back as far as she's been receiving, to see if she'd be as good a sport.

As it is, they're in a crowded hallway full of people so she refrains.

This time.

* * *

"Last one in will die a virgin!" Eunji shouts while dashing towards the van, but not before slapping her rear and getting a handful.

Sera doesn't bother picking up her pace, just rolls her eyes and congratulates herself for not rising to the bait.

Even with her defiantly slow walk, she's not the last one to make it to the van.

Eunji spends the whole ride harassing Hyemi and trying to crawl over the seats and into her lap.

* * *

The thing is, Sera's not opposed to inappropriate touching. Anyone that's ever paid attention or spoken to Sungah would know that.

And considering how long they've all known each other and the things they've gone through, they'd be hard pressed to find a way to make anything inappropriate or uncomfortable between the nine of them. But Eunji's antics are a special brand of inappropriate.

It's the type that makes Sera want to keep pushing, push and push to see how far Eunji is willing to go.

* * *

"We know something you don't know."

Sam and Erin flank her, each taking her by the arm and leading her away from the building.

"And it's such a good something, too," Erin singsongs.

"What did you guys do," Sera asks already half expecting the answer to be something related to the very angry phone call she received from one of the managers.

"Oh no, it's not about us. Although, Erin did—"

Sam gets cut off by a slap to her back from Erin and Sera can't help the smile that blooms on her face. She untangles herself from them and heads back to the company building, not wanting to give the managers more incentive to act like someone spit in their already disgusting coffee.

"Come find me when you have something interesting," Sera says before walking away.

"But this is interesting!"

* * *

"You're in a mood."

Sera musters up a halfhearted glare over the rim of her mug. She regrets it as soon as she sees the look on Minha's face.

"I'm fine, really," she attempts. She's not, but it's no reason to take it out on Minha.

"You can talk to me, you know," Minha says and sits down beside her. She presses up tight against her side, arm up in the air as if to throw it over Sera's shoulders. She looks like she thinks better of it and laces their hands together instead.

"It's not a big deal." Her phone buzzes in her pocket. She should probably get that.

Minha's face falls as soon as she gets up from the couch. It's incredibly unfair how someone can just have a face that could force people into feeling guilty about the stupidest things.

"I should..." she trails off, holding out her phone. She makes it two steps before turning back around and hugging Minha gently.

* * *

As usual, the "not a big deal" deal has to do with Eunji.

One moment she's minding her own business, the next Eunji is pressed up against her back, warm and definitely uninvited. She freezes, naturally, the knife in her hand goes still and the tomatoes lie forgotten.

"What's cooking, good looking," Eunji breathes into her ear.

The knife drops, clatters on the cutting board with a dull thud. She turns around, not sure if she's going to fix Eunji with a steely glare or practiced nonchalance or what.

Eunji backs off as soon as they're facing each other, giggles to herself and scampers off.

"She's got a knife!" Eunji grabs Hyemi and shoves her towards Sera's general direction, cackling to herself as she exits the kitchen.

"Did she just sacrifice me?"

Sera goes back to chopping the vegetables with more force than necessary, aware of the way her body is still burning.

* * *

It takes her longer than she'd like to admit to actually do something about Eunji.

In her defense, it's not like she has many opportunities to make a move. They're all busy with promotions, and preparations for the next round of promotions, and all those other little things in between that they love to hate.

She does do something about it though, that's the important part.

If she could clone herself, she would, if only to share a victory high five.

* * *

"I'm hungry," Minha whines from the floor, a heap of limp limbs that Sera keeps tripping over.

"Let's just take a break now."

Everyone looks tired and cranky. Might as well let them catch their breath for a bit before going back to the systematic torture that is learning a new dance.

Eunji, either through sheer will or freakishly insane commitment, keeps bouncing around the room and being a general menace. She knows it's her way of trying to cheer everyone up, but still, a menace with good intentions is still a menace.

Sera slips out of the room and goes to look for cold water bottles for everyone. The faint patter of footsteps lets her know she's being followed.

"If we were alone on the street, I'd probably be spraying you with mace right about now."

"But I can think of so many more fun things we could be doing if we were alone," Eunji says as she catches up to her.

Spotting an empty office, Sera pulls Eunji in and pushes her back against the door. It's now or never is her excuse.

"And what would those things be?" She pins Eunji's arms above her head as best she can. She wishes she still had her heels on.

"Something like this," Eunji says before leaning forward and kissing her.

Even now Eunji treats it like a game, pulls at her bottom lip and biting softly when all Sera wants is just more.

Eunji's arms slip out of Sera's grip and she threads her fingers through her hair, pulls her closer until they're flush against each other and Sera is rocking her hips into Eunji. Eunji kisses her jaw, nips her way down her neck and leaves marks that she knows will need makeup later. Sera pulls at short hair to bring their mouths back together, slips her tongue in Eunji's mouth and swallows a moan.

When hands trail down her sides and to the back of her thighs, Sera's really glad for how ridiculously strong Eunji is. Hands urge her to lift her legs and she wraps them around Eunji's waist as their positions are flipped and her back is against the wall.

"Shh," Eunji whispers into her ear, hot breath ghosting the side of her face.

She wasn't even aware that she was making any sounds but then Eunji slips a hand up her shirt and cups her and Sera knows she's making mewling noises.

Once Eunji makes it past her bra, Sera kisses Eunji to distract herself and hopes Eunji's lips can muffle how loud she knows she's going to get.

* * *

Sam and Erin smirk at them knowingly when they walk back into the practice room, flushed and guilty.

"I told you it was interesting."

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