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FIC: The Fever, The Focus [RPFS, Sungah/Sunny]

Title: The Fever, The Focus
Fandom: RPFS, K-Pop, Nine Muses/SNSD
Pairing: Sungah/Sunny
Rating: R
Notes: repost. not even going to pretend there's a plot here, i just really wanted them to hook up.

Sunny walks into a bar sounds like the beginning of a bad joke that Seohyun would try to make, complete with bad puns and references that go over everyone's heads. Sunny walks into a bar and leaves with a mysterious man sounds like every other article that's printed about her whenever she's seen going out. And then there's the classic Sunny is out of control texts that bombard her phone. Sometimes it's a joke (Sooyoung), other times it's mock concern (her sisters).

What happens is this: Sunny walks into a bar and then leaves.

* * *

The cameras are out; the blinding flashes in her eyes let her know pictures are being taken. Of course they are, someone is almost always around to snap pictures even if the subjects in question aren't famous. It's a sick obsession everyone seems to have developed, this need to document everything as if memories aren't enough.

But then Sunny spots her from across the bar and suddenly she gets it. Memories are nice and all but pictures are worth a thousand words, and this girl was worth a thousand and one.

* * *

Sunny makes her way across the dance floor and to the bar. She sidles up next to the mystery girl that no one seems to be snapping pictures of and wonders what is wrong with everyone. Sunny walks into a bar and tells a girl she'd take pictures of her is just tacky so she settles for the next best thing.

"Hi," she says and nudges her. The last time anyone called her shy she was in diapers.

"Oh, hi." Eyes widen in recognition and for a split second Sunny thinks this may have been a bad idea. It's one thing to interact with fans on the street, it's a completely different game to approach one at a bar.

"Hi," Sunny repeats because her brain is starting to catch up with her mouth in terms of how many drinks she's had so far. Or maybe it was her mouth catching up with her brain. Honestly, she probably lost the ability to tell the difference five shots ago.

"It's so nice to finally meet you."

Then it hits her and she almost bursts out laughing.

("What the hell is this," Hyoyeon said and flipped through the pictures.

"Unnies," Seohyun said seriously. "We need to know about all our fellow idols. Especially the new ones."

"You mean our rivals?" Hyoyeon tossed picture after picture of various girls across the coffee table. "Is it just me or are they all starting to look more and more alike these days?"

"It's not a competition." Seohyun gathered the pictures and passed them around much to Hyoyeon's annoyance.

"It kind of is," Sooyoung chimed in.

"And I'm the best." Hyoyeon hopped up from the couch and dragged Yuri with her. The room soon devolved into humming and giggles while Seohyun's research laid forgotten in a pile.)

"Right," Sunny replies and sticks a hand out. The alcohol might be catching up to her but it doesn't stop her from being somewhat professional. "You're in that model group," she says and gives her a slow once over.

"Yeah," she says and shakes Sunny's hand. "Sungah."

"Right, of course," Sunny says and keeps shaking Sungah's hand. "Yeah, sorry, I didn't recognize you without the other super tall models."

"Don't worry about it," Sungah says with a laugh and swivels in her barstool until she's facing Sunny directly. "So," she drawls and crosses her legs, "did you come over here to buy me a drink?"

* * *

Sunny does buy her a drink. She buys many, in fact. Eventually she ends up buying the whole bar a round and that's when Sungah pulls her towards the bathroom and whispers in her ear that maybe she's had enough.

"Doubt it," she whispers back. Why are they whispering? Sunny's hands settle at Sungah's hips and Sungah doesn't push them away, just keeps tugging Sunny by the front of her shirt into the bathroom.

They stumble into the empty bathroom and Sungah's got the door locked and Sunny pinned against it within the blink of an eye.

Mouth dry, Sunny swallows hard. "I'm thirsty," she says, still whispering.

"Yeah? Me too," Sungah whispers back and tips her head forward until she's kissing Sunny.

Sunny threads her fingers through Sungah's hair, pulls her down until their bodies touch. She smiles into the kiss and knows Sungah can tell because soon her tongue traces her bottom lip and the kiss becomes open mouthed and frantic.

Sungah kisses like she has something to prove, Sunny kisses back like she doesn't.

Sunny pushes her back off the door and moves them forward until Sungah's hips hit the counter. She helps Sungah up as Sungah pulls Sunny's top up and over her head. Her hands are on Sunny's chest before her top even hits the floor and her moans get swallowed whole.

Sungah's playful but she knows what she wants. She pulls Sunny until she's nestled between her legs and Sunny runs a hand up her shirt, traces up her toned stomach and reaches the smooth skin of a curved breast when she was expecting lace.

"No bra?" she asks between kisses but palms Sungah anyway.

When Sunny trails her lips down Sungah's neck, she's pulled back up by her hair until they're kissing again. Sungah guides her hand down to the top of her jeans and Sunny takes the hint, undoes the zip and prompting Sungah to lift her hips so she can pull her pants off.

Sungah lets her kiss her way down her neck until she's on her knees and kissing the inside of her thighs, leaving marks and pushing her legs apart.

Sunny makes Sungah pant her name over and over again and digs her nails into her thighs when the legs around her head tighten so hard that there's a ringing in her ears.

* * *

Sunny walks into a bar.

Sunny walks out of a bar.

(It's not a very good joke.)

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\o/ god that unimaginable twist to sunny walking out of the bar without a man.

love this loads <3

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gosh, thanks so much!