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just a bunch of old practice pieces from playing around with the girl group generators.

Title: To The Sea
Fandom: RPFS, K-Pop, Hello Venus
Pairing: Yooyoung/Nara
Rating: G
Prompt: boundaries

"This is your side, and this is mine."

The first thought to go through Nara's head when she had heard that she'd be rooming with Yooyoung was this should be easy.

That was before all the rules and charts and literal binders full of expectations that Yooyoung outlined in what she was sure was four point font. She expected this from Ara, all the strictness and serious declarations of war in the event of anyone bringing food into either of their beds.

Of course as luck would have it, the crazy hides itself in Yooyoung and Alice gets to play wife with Ara while Nara is stuck with a borderline psychopathic neat freak.

"I'm serious," Yooyoung looked at her in a half glare. "If you bring food in our room and we get ants, I will kill you in your sleep."

"Are you threatening me?"

"I will put down tape to split the room if I have to."

Nara snorted. Yooyoung would. "Go ahead, it wouldn't be the first line I've ever crossed." She kicked a slipper over to Yooyoung's side of the room just because she could. "And it won't be the last either," she said and crossed her arms, daring Yooyoung to fight back.

What she wasn't expecting was Yooyoung throwing a pillow in her face and pouncing on her.

Title: King City
Fandom: RPFS, K-Pop, Hello Venus
Pairing: Alice/Yooyoung
Rating: G
Prompt: you're Robin, I'm Batman

Juhee played with the tips of Yooyoung's hair, wished that she could chop her own locks off. If nothing else it would decrease her time sitting in the stylist's chair every morning.

"Let's go do something," she said and tugged on Yooyoung's hair until she pouted up at her.

"We can't, we have a schedule tomorrow morning."

"We have one every morning," she huffed and pulled Yooyoung up with her. "C'mon, I can take you places I bet Yoonjo and Hyelim never take you." She already had so many places in mind and even more people to introduce to Yooyoung. "It'll be fun," she half whined.

She could see Yooyoung starting to give in, a hint of a smile on the edge of her lips.

"Fine, but I'm not wearing a leotard. Hyelim's warned me all about that."

"We'll see," Juhee said and pulled Yooyoung impatiently out the door.

Title: Simmer Summer
Fandom: RPFS, K-Pop, After School
Pairing: Jungah, Lizzy
Rating: G
Prompt: phone call

"What are you wearing?"

"What?" Jungah groggily glanced at her phone screen, positive that some creep must have found her number and called her anonymously. "Who is this?" The number was blocked. Of course. That was always a good sign.

"Just tell me what you're wearing!"

She narrowed her eyes at no one in particular. She knew this voice, the underlying twang of a wail ready to be let loose.


"Why won't you tell me what you're wearing?" she whined and groaned into the phone.

"Sooyoung, what the hell?"

"You messed it all up. You were supposed to say britches and hose." Sooyoung gave one last huff before the line went dead.

Title: The Right Light
Fandom: RPFS, K-Pop, SNSD
Pairing: Sooyoung/Yoona
Rating: G
Prompt: stay

Sooyoung feels Yoona stirring, she tightens her hold on her waist and buries her face in her hair. She doesn't want to risk opening her eyes, the red of her eyelids is all she needs to know that they forgot to shut the blinds again.

"Stop it," she whines into Yoona's hair. "We have the whole day off."

"No, you have the day off," Yoona chuckles, voice still laced with sleep. She sounds huskier than usual and that just makes Sooyoung press tighter.

"Then take the day off."

Sooyoung smiles to herself when she feels Yoona's body vibrate from her laughter. After a while Yoona kicks off the blankets and stretches. Instead of getting up, Yoona turns around in Sooyoung's arms and nuzzles their noses together.

"I can stay in bed an extra ten minutes or I can go get us muffins."

"You're going to do both anyway." Sooyoung blindly tips her head forward and catches Yoona's bottom lip.

Title: She Changes the Weather
Fandom: RPFS, K-Pop, SNSD
Pairing: Jessica/TIffany
Rating: G
Prompt: filth

"Touch me and die."

"Help me bake a cake." Tiffany pouted, arms outstretched and inviting.

"I'm not hugging you, you're covered in flour."

Tiffany shrugged. "I don't want a hug, just help me with this cake." She watched Jessica make her way warily into the kitchen. There wasn't a lot Jessica jumped into headfirst with glee, which was fine, Tiffany had enough excitement for the both of them anyway.

Jessica's face scrunched up, she was probably breathing in the flour particles still floating around in the air. She looked like she was about to sneeze but instead turned sharply to look at Tiffany. She tried to look annoyed but Tiffany could see the warmth in her eyes. Jessica looked at her the way she always did back when they'd sneak off on their own and go shopping. Back when they had more restrictions on what they were allowed to do, back when Jessica thought she could rule the world.

"This is stupid. Why bake a cake when you can just buy one?"

"I changed my mind." Tiffany ignored Jessica's complaining and walked the last few steps between them. "I do want a hug."

Title: Three Piece Jigsaw Puzzle
Fandom: RPFS, K-Pop, Nine Muses
Pairing: Hyuna/Sungah
Rating: PG-13
Prompt: seasons

Springtime cleaning means helping Hyuna revamp her entire apartment and making it suitable for the cats.

Cats. Plural.

She's positive the last time she was over there was only one ball of fluff. Now she's lying on the floor in the middle of the living room with multiple cats crawling over her and making her allergies act up.

The way Hyuna coos and squeals (at the cats, probably, there's nothing cute about the way she's wheezing on the living room floor) almost makes the annoying itch in her throat worth it.

"Look at this," Hyuna says, standing over her. "They love you."

"Too bad my body doesn't love them back." She sits up and the cats all scramble off her.

"You should get some allergy medicine since you'll be over here a lot."

"I am?"

"Yeah," Hyuna says and straddles her hips.

It takes her brain a few moments to register what is going on and by then Hyuna's got her shirt halfway off and a hand working on her belt buckle.

She should have known the easiest way into Hyuna's pants would be through her cats.

Title: Zero to Hero
Fandom: RPFS, K-Pop, Kara
Pairing: Gyuri/Nicole
Rating: G
Prompt: hey mister

"Has anyone seen my—" Nicole stumbles upon seeing the stranger in their dressing room and almost screams.

"Your what?" Gyuri looks at her like she's the one intruding.

Nicole relaxes a little. It's just Gyuri. Gyuri dressed like a man, but still Gyuri.

"Why do you look like that?" Nicole aims for inquisitive but judging by the look on Gyuri's face, it's more likely she spluttered.

Gyuri looks down at herself and laughs. "Oh, right. I had to rush over here after filming."

Gyuri's in the middle of filming a show, Nicole knows this, has known it for a while now. But actually seeing her off set looking like that is completely different. It's Gyuri, but, Gyuri in boy clothes and a stupid wig and a pretty boy face. Or pretty girl face. Whatever. Gyuri still looked like Gyuri, but different.

It's that difference that makes Nicole realize the state of undress she was in and she could feel her face flush.

"I, um, have to go." She shuffles out the door, face burning up and no doubt giving Gyuri a good look at the back of her bra.

Even from down the hallway she could hear Gyuri laughing at her.

Title: Boiled Frogs
Fandom: RPFS, K-Pop, f(x)
Pairing: Sulli/Victoria
Rating: G
Prompt: cat [harry potter au]

"Oh god, what do we do? How do we turn her back?"

Qian looked to Soojung for help, even though it was all her fault in the first place.

Soojung narrowed her eyes and studied the cat carefully. "Are we sure that's actually her? I'm not even that good with transfiguration yet!" She got up and brought over a glass of water and placed it on the counter.

The cat hissed and scrambled into Qian's arms.

"Okay, it's probably her."

"What do we do?" Qian cradled the cat, no, Jinri, protectively and glared at Soojung. She should have known better than to let first years—Hufflepuff first years—hang around her quarters. There was a reason why they all had to be reminded daily that everyone, regardless of House, solemnly swore to be up to no good.

"We change her back," Soojung said simply and shrugged. She raised her wand and Jinri hissed again, made her way into Qian's robes and mewled.

"Yeah, it's definitely her."

Title: One More Time
Fandom: RPFS, K-Pop, After School
Pairing: E-Young/Uee
Rating: G
Prompt: celebration

"Surprise!" Yujin tossed a handful of confetti in the air and Yiyoung couldn't help but think someone would have to clean it all up later.

The package in Yujin's hand gets shoved in her face and Yiyoung accepted it warily. Even after the members had promised the hazing days were over, she couldn't help but be suspicious of anything and everything.

"What's this for?"

"Your birthday of course. Happy birthday," Yujin said and looked at her expectantly.

Yiyoung tore the wrapper off, paying no mind to the cheap material and stared at the small plastic... thing inside the box.

"What is it?"

"I know you like instruments so I thought it might be fun for you to learn another."

"Yeah," Yiyoung said slowly and raised her eyes to meet Yujin's, "but what is it?"

"A kazoo."

Title: On/Off
Fandom: RPFS, K-Pop, 4minute
Pairing: Gayoon/Hyuna
Rating: R
Prompt: in command

Gayoon pushes Hyuna back against the counter and smiles when she doesn't put of a fight, just leans into Gayoon as she pushes her hips into her and rakes her nails down her bare arms.

Her nails are long, probably a little too long but Gayoon doesn't mind. She likes it when Hyuna scratches hard enough to leave marks, digs her nails deep to let her know what she wants. She calls the shots even when it doesn't seem like she is.

Hyuna breaks their kiss long enough to breathe into her ear and bury her face in her neck. It's not long before she's biting at the exposed skin and Gayoon rips her tights and slides her fingers against the wetness. Hyuna arches into her and Gayoon pulls back, chuckles when Hyuna looks at her sharply.

"We've got all night," Gayoon says simply and kisses away any protests Hyuna might have had.

Title: Nightvision
Fandom: RPFS, K-Pop, 4minute
Pairing: Jiyoon/Hyuna
Rating: G
Prompt: apartment 57

The knock on the door startles Jiyoon from her book. She's not expecting anyone, usually doesn't, so she doesn't know what to make of the unexpected guest.

She wants to be paranoid but Gayoon's been trying so hard to break her of that habit.

After a quick look through the peep hole identifies the stranger as a relatively harmless looking girl, Jiyoon opens the door just far enough to greet them, albeit cautiously. She's not stupid.


The other girl smiles so brightly at her it's hard not to drop all preconceived notions of being abducted by a stranger in the middle of the day.

"Hi," she says back and momentarily forgets that she has no idea who this is.

"I'm Hyuna," she shoves a hand out and grasps Jiyoon's before she has a chance to react. "I just moved in down the hall. You should come to my housewarming party!"

"Yeah," she squeaks, and shakes Hyuna's hand a little too hard, "sounds good?" It comes out as a question and she's not sure if it sounds more like to herself or to Hyuna.

"Great! You better be there, I know where you live," Hyuna says with a wink and walks away.

Title: Something About Us
Fandom: RPFS, K-Pop, T-ara
Pairing: Eunjung/Jiyeon
Rating: PG
Prompt: broken [batman/gotham city sirens au]

"How did you get out?"

Eunjung shrugged. "How I always do. The Arkham guards are off their game more than usual lately."

Jiyeon knew Eunjung probably had help from Hyomin and her thugs; she'd never admit to having called in a favor. There were a lot of things Eunjung wouldn't admit to but Jiyeon knew all about them like they were her own thoughts.

It's something Jihyun would point out to her sadly sometimes.

But Jihyun doesn't know. She doesn't know Eunjung like she she did. And now that Eunjung was out and by her side again, there wasn't a thing they couldn't do.

"How about we pay the Bat a little visit?"

Title: Recognizer
Fandom: RPFS, K-Pop, SNSD
Pairing: Jessica/Sooyoung
Rating: PG
Prompt: tainted stupidity

"We both knew this could only end in so many ways."

"I know."

"I still—"

"Don't," Sooyoung hissed, "don't do that. If you're gonna end it then just end it. Don't... don't set us both up for something impossible down the line."

Sooyoung wanted Jessica to know she was angry but all she managed to come across as was tired. Tired of the situation, tired of the messed up circumstances, and tired of all the memories she'd have to deal with every time she saw Jessica.

Jessica swallowed hard like she understood. She never was good with words.

Just like with how it started, they left with loaded glances and things they wished they could say stuck in their throats.

Title: Rectifier
Fandom: RPFS, K-Pop, 4minute
Pairing: Gayoon/Jihyun
Rating: G
Prompt: scarf

"That is the ugliest thing I've ever seen in my life."

Jihyun's eyes widened and she tightened the gift around her neck. "It's—"

"Just look at it!" Gayoon held up a pair of ripped tights. "Why does she even wear these?"

Jihyun let out a sigh and shrugged, a small smile on her face. "Maybe she really likes them. Can't fault her for that."

"Yes, I can." Gayoon scoffed and tossed the tights in Jihyun's face.

Title: Fragments of Time
Fandom: RPFS, K-Pop, Girl's Day
Pairing: Hyeri/Yura
Rating: G
Prompt: unrequited

hyeri is not serious.

she does not go around trying to kiss everyone because she's serious, she does it because she's the complete opposite of serious and just likes seeing people squirm. she'll do it for the laughs, for the attention, and for the shock because no matter how many times she pulls this stunt, it still takes them by surprise even though they should know better.

hyeri thinks she can just go around kissing whoever whenever she wants without any real reason.

this is why yura never lets her plant one on her, regardless of whether or not they're in public or being filmed.

because hyeri is not serious and yura wants her to be serious.

Title: Instant Crush
Fandom: RPFS, K-Pop, Hello Venus
Pairing: Alice/Nara
Rating: G
Notes: peebles and marcy: the in-between phase

juhee is a child and nara doesn't know why she keeps indulging her.

she'll show up sometimes, looking like a mess and a half and all nara can do is smile and help her put herself back together so she can go out and repeat all the same mistakes.

she never asks why but if she did, she thinks juhee would tell her, "because it's worth it."

Title: Let it Go All Night
Fandom: RPFS, K-Pop, Girl's Day
Pairing: Sojin/Yura
Rating: PG-13
Prompt: hot hot heat

yura has never loved working out so much, especially when it's just her and sojin and they go for a jog around the lake by the apartment.

no matter how much yura complained after a measly mile, sojin's whole existence kept her going because she would gladly run a thousand miles if it meant she got to trail after sojin looking like a hot, sweaty mess of perfection.

they've all seen each other in various states of undress, but there's just something about short shorts and a barely there top that does it for her. it's the way everything clung to her body that made yura want to peel it off slowly and push sojin down on her back and show her all the other ways they could be burning calories.

Title: Human After All
Fandom: RPFS, K-Pop, f(x), T-ara
Pairing: Soyeon/Victoria
Rating: PG-13
Prompt: Soyeon is married to Victoria. It ends by Soyeon stabbing them.

it was all set up. there was plastic everywhere, probably more than necessary. it never hurt to be too careful; just because she was getting revenge didn't mean she had to make a mess. the floors squeaked when she walked around, it was the only thing stopping her from pacing in anticipation. she ran through the checklist in her mind over and over again, making sure she was absolutely prepared.

now all soyeon had to do was wait for victoria to come home.

she sat in the single chair in the living room and bounced her leg. patience was hard when there were so many expectations waiting. the clock struck half past five, victoria would be home any second now.

as if on cue, the lock jiggled.

* * *

"tell us what happened." the detective slammed his fists on the table, probably trying to play bad cop.

there was no need for intimidation. she did it, they know she did, and she was already sitting in the interrogation room handcuffed to the table.

soyeon laughed a little and shrugged. "she ran into my knife. she ran into my knife ten times."

Title: Face to Face
Fandom: RPFS, K-Pop, T-ara
Pairing: Eunjung/Qri
Rating: NC-17
Prompt: in the bathroom

Jihyun hates this club. She hates the music and the dj and whoever's in charge who keeps letting in the worst kinds of people. The kind that think they can grind on her and try to pass it off as everyone just having a good time.

She makes eye contact with Eunjung through the haze, tries to pout at her until she gets the point so they can leave. Eunjung just laughs at her and leads her away from the dance floor, pulls her by her tie and slams her back against a door before locking it.

Any protests Jihyun might have had are swallowed by Eunjung as she kisses her and unbuttons her shirt. She's slow, steady. Eunjung takes her time with each button and soon the kiss isn't as frantic or desperate. Like they're not going to be caught any second by someone pounding on the door and demanding to be let in.

Jihyun lets Eunjung pull her shirt off after the last button is dealt with, lets her slide the straps of her bra down her shoulders until the cold air hits her.

Eunjung palms her breasts and Jihyun arches into her, gasps against her mouth and pulls their bodies closer. She tugs at Eunjung's flimsy blouse, wants to rip it off, needs their skin to be touching.

Her hands get pinned above her head and Eunjung wedges a leg between her thighs, kisses down her neck and clavicle until Jihyun is grinding against her and cursing at her to get on with it. She hates it and loves it and hates it again when Eunjung laughs at her, mouth around one of her nipples.

Jihyun frees her hands, grabs Eunjung by the hair and pulls her up so she can shut her up with her lips. Her right hand wanders down between their bodies and it isn't until she's caressing bare skin that she remembers Eunjung is wearing a skirt.

Someone is shouting from the other side of the door, knocking on it until it shakes. Jiyhun snakes her hand up Eunjung's thigh, past her panties and shows her what she should have been doing five minutes ago.

Title: Lose Yourself
Fandom: RPFS, K-Pop, 4minute
Pairing: Gayoon/Hyuna
Rating: NC-17
Prompt: please

Hyuna's nails dig into Gayoon's back, sharp and deep, leaving welts in their path. The sting of it makes Gayoon kiss her harder, push closer and angle her hand just so to get Hyuna mewling.

She knows her back is getting scratched up like there's an ache that can't be itched. Hyuna rubs against Gayoon impatiently like they're taking it way too slow.

And maybe they are. Maybe Gayoon is purposefully dragging it out and making it last. She wants to burn every inch of Hyuna's body into her memory and turn this something into anything.

"Please," Hyuna moans and pulls Gayoon closer. She pushes her tongue into her mouth and yanks at her hair until her scalp is burning.

Gayoon kisses back just as hard, nips and bites her way down her neck as far as Hyuna lets her until she's being pulled back up by her hair. Her hand between Hyuna's legs keeps a steady pace, thumb circling around her clit in slow circles in a way that she knows will keep her on edge.

She can feel how tightly wound Hyuna is getting, can feel it in the pants against her mouth and the feel of Hyuna trying to create friction between them. She takes her time replacing her thumb with her fingers on Hyuna's clit and in that moment, the flash of agonizing across her face makes Gayoon rub in fast, taut circles. The grip Hyuna has on her tightens with every revolution and she wonders if Hyuna knows that this is how she feels constantly: tense, flustered, a nervous wreck.

Hyuna will always come to her wanting everything and Gayoon will give and give and give.

At least by now she knows not to expect anything in return.

Title: Up, Up, and Away
Fandom: RPFS, K-Pop, SNSD
Pairing: Sooyoung/Taeyeon
Rating: PG
Prompt: too short to kiss

sooyoung has an annoying habit of picking up on things that people specifically do not want to be picked up on. taeyeon sulks, it's what she does. but when she does it all throughout dinner and sooyoung notices something is wrong, then she should have known better than to think that she could run away. it doesn't stop her from trying even if it does end up with sooyoung cornering her in her own room.

sooyoung leans back against the door, a picture of cool and composed, and tries to give taeyeon a look that says, "tell me what's wrong, i won't bite."

but that's a lie, taeyeon knows all too well that sooyoung bites. luckily for her, it's to keep herself quiet and most of the time the bite marks are in areas that most people can't see anyway.

"you were awfully quiet tonight." it comes out a little more accusatory than she'd like.

"yeah, well, you had plenty of maknae to keep you company," taeyeon replies, meaning every ounce of accusation in her tone.

"seriously? you're jealous because i let seohyun feed me?"

taeyeon crosses her arms and honest to god, she pouts. sooyoung's not sure if she wants to throw taeyeon out of the room until she grows up or throw herself at taeyeon. it should be telling that predicaments like these come up more often than she'd like to admit.

sooyoung reaches out and pulls taeyeon toward her until their bodies are pressed against each other.

"i can't promise i won't let other people feed me food, but i can promise to let you feed me those disgusting jellies you love," sooyoung says with her chin on top of taeyeon's head.

taeyeon pulls her head back and looks at her, scandalized. "why would i feed you those when i'd rather eat them?"

sooyoung rolls her eyes at her and taeyeon pokes her in the ribs. she leans up, straining to get on her toes and kisses sooyoung softly.

"i forgive you," taeyeon says and kisses her again, longer this time.

"i didn't say sorry." sooyoung runs her hands down taeyeon's back and rests them on her hip.

"i forgive you anyway."

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I knew you would say that...


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then you should also know that i'm jonesing for jeti and wow, look at that, you're a jeti writer! COINCIDENCE? MORE LIKE SOLUTION.

(omg umm the really depressing one. reincarnation fic?? is that what you were calling it i don't remember ugh omg this should be an indicator of how long you've been out of the game.)


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what does 'jonesing' mean?

oh yeah, THAT. hahahahahahhaaa good thing i wrote what i was going to do in each life in the word doc, or else i would be completely lost.


but yeah, there's this sad thing called uni in my life right now :'( our relationship ain't that great; I miss my ex, high school was so much better, but it won't come back to me.

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basically craving, but in a much higher degree

aww :( but on the other hand... look forward to graduation in 4 years? lol idk school is such a soul sucker, i hope you at least party hardy to make up for it. AND THEN COME HOME TO WRITE JETI.

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I wish that I would wake up and find my fics magically completed xD I reread my WIPs and I'm like ahh, I wrote this when I actually knew how to write and NOW I DON'T KNOW HOW TO ANYMORE ;__________;

five years. gaaaaaah.

I'm not the partying type :P but yeah, yesterday I was working on the reincarnation fic and as a result I slept at 1:30 and a result I woke up half-dead this morning... (actually this is the story of my life, but still. I love sleeeeeeep.)

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