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Title: To the Skies From a Hillside
Fandom: RPFS, K-Pop, Hello Venus/Rainbow
Pairing: Alice, Jaekyung
Rating: PG-13
Prompt: security has been called

"You're not..." The rest of Juhee's words die on her tongue and she can't remember what she was even trying to say. "Who are you?" She gives her a once over. Then twice. Then a couple more until it starts feeling inappropriate.

"Here to serve justice and arrest you?" The other girl fiddles with her gauntlets and avoids eye contact with Juhee.

Not that Juhee would have been looking anywhere near her face in the first place, not when there was so much going on with the costume she was wearing. She tries to keep her eyes from straying beyond any place without spandex, if only out of professional courtesy. "You're what now?" Juhee blurts after snapping out of her stupor.

After a while the girl finally looks Juhee in the eye, hands firmly gripping the sides of her utility belt. She didn't exactly look confident but she looked something. "Will you please cooperate? It's literally my first day and—"

"Oh my god." Juhee cuts her off with a roll of her eyes. Walking back the way she came, Juhee toys with the studded tiara still in her hands. She's tempted to break it into tiny pieces and hide them for Ara to find; it would serve her right for sending a rookie in her stead.

Title: Set Phasers to _____
Fandom: RPFS, K-Pop, Nine Muses
Pairing: Minha, Sam
Rating: PG-13
Prompt: quest

"She left a little while ago," Kyungri murmurs without taking her eyes off her phone.

Sam is about to ask why but thinks better of it, knows Kyungri would just give her a distracted answer and shoo her out of the room that's meant for everyone. "Thanks," she says instead, and just a tiny bit disgruntled.

Kyrungri's face breaks out into a smile and Sam almost sticks around. That is until Kyungri's arm goes up in the air with the phone at an angle.

Sam is out the door before the flash.


"I thought she was with you?" Sungah looks more confused than usual. It's... it's comforting in its own way. So is the way Sungah tries to hide her phone screen even though it shouldn't, not at this point.

Sam catches a glimpse of an old picture, from when Hyuna still wore oversized shirts to bed in the summer. She almost wants to grab Sungah and shake her. "Want to help me find Minha?" she asks instead, even though it's bound to be a useless attempt.

Sungah shakes her head and puts the phone away. "No, thanks though," she replies with a tight smile.

"Kyungri's down in the practice room, she looked bored," Sam points out with practiced nonchalance. She'll give Sungah an out this one time because she's optimistic enough to think Sungah's not that stupid.


"Nope," Erin calls out from the couch without bothering to take her headphones off.

Not even two steps in, Sam swings back around and leaves the room before she can wonder how Erin even knew why she was there. With Erin, it's always better to just not ask.


Sera and Eunji give her sheepish looks as soon as she enters the makeshift kitchen.

"You've got to be kidding me," she mutters, mostly to herself. "For someone who doesn't actually do much of anything all day, Minha is really making herself difficult to track down."

Sera laughs a little and nudges Eunji. They look like they're up to something—the worst kind of something—but Sam was too busy to care about the trouble they were no doubt going to cause. Besides, if she leaves quickly enough, whatever mess they make wouldn't be her problem.

"Strawberry?" Eunji asks, holding out a bowl across the table.

Right, because strawberries would help her find Minha right now.

Sam glares a little but she takes the whole bowl and leaves without another word.

"Good luck," Eunji snickers behind her.


The sounds of harmonizing leaking out from the recording studio make Sam breeze past without bothering to check inside. The ridiculously sad song choice alone is enough to let her know it's only Hyemi and Hyuna messing around.

She has half a mind to stop and bang on the door to let them know they're not being original.


With nowhere to go but up, Sam heads to the roof.

She's searched nearly the entire building by now, if Minha isn't up here then she might as well just jump off for being hoodwinked. Well, that or toss strawberries at the unsuspecting fools on the sidewalk below.

Sam is only a little bit relieved when she sees Minha leaning against a railing, all class and elegance in the worst way possible.

"Finally," Minha says, looking more annoyed than she has any right to be.

"What was so important that you made me run around looking for you?"

Minha just shrugs and walks towards her. "Just wanted to see if you would," she admits with a smirk and brushes by Sam to get back in the building.

Title: Touchdown Turnaround
Fandom: RPFS, K-Pop, After School/SNSD
Pairing: Uee/Yoona
Rating: PG-13
Prompt: mind control

"Is this your card?" Yujin holds up the three of spades and tries not to smile when Yoona looks back at her suspiciously.

"Yes...," she drawls out, narrowing her eyes.

Yujin reshuffles and fans out the deck in front of Yoona. "Pick another," she says with a wide grin. It doesn't necessarily mean she's a terrible person to try and see how long she could keep it up.

"You're cheating somehow, there's no way you got this good at card tricks in less than a day."

"Are you doubting my sleight of hand?" Yujin asks, raising an eyebrow at Yoona.

Out of nowhere, Sooyoung kicks Yoona's chair as she walks by them. "Before this delves into potentially scarring territory, the window behind you is reflective, dumbass."

Title: Apply Overnight
Fandom: RPFS, K-Pop, Sistar/SNSD
Pairing: Bora/Tiffany
Rating: PG-13
Prompt: This is a problem. But I think I have a solution.

"You're too tall."

"Remind me again who decided not to wear heels today," Tiffany laughed, grabbing Bora's face to stop her from pouting.

Bora bared her teeth, tries to bite Tiffany's hands to prove a point. She wanted nothing more than for these rare moments to last—getting to see Tiffany, getting to work with Tiffany, getting themselves locked in a cramped supply closet because no one bothered to mention to Tiffany there was a staff of underpaid interns whose job it was to do these things.

Right, that.

The short version: they wandered off the set and ended up in a supply closet.

The long version, well, it included too much of Tiffany doing good deeds for literally everyone so it would probably be in bad taste to resent being pulled into a supply closet for anything other than making up for lost time.

"You're going to hit your head on something," Bora pointed out in equal parts amusement and self-satisfaction. Karma was going to come back and bite her on the ass she worked so hard to get.

"Here," Tiffany mumbled, pressing her front against Bora until her back hit the door with a dull thud.

Bora felt hands roaming down her sides and looked up at Tiffany with a raised eyebrow that asked, "Now?"

Tiffany bent down until she could slide her hands behind Bora's thighs and lift. She wrapped her legs around Tiffany's torso, not caring the slightest that they had to get back to filming.

"There," Tiffany said with her palms against the door on either side of Bora's head and caging her in. "Now we have more room."

Not that Bora didn't have a clever reply—she did—she would just rather cup the back of Tiffany's neck and pull her in so she could ruin her pretty lipstick. Tiffany was quick to kiss back, and Bora had something she wanted to say about that too. Instead, she smiled against Tiffany's lips and let her fingers get tangled in Tiffany's hair.

Flushed and out of breath, Tiffany pulled back just far enough so that their lips still brushed, only to say, "Wear heels next time."

Title: With the Tides in Hindsight
Fandom: RPFS, K-Pop, Nine Muses
Pairing: Hyuna/Sungah
Rating: PG-13
Prompt: x

sometimes when sungah's feeling really masochistic, she listens to the birthday voicemail hyuna sent her that she has saved on her phone.

it's long—just under ten minutes—and it's mostly hyuna babbling about what a great day sungah is going to have interspersed with bits of hyuna cooing at the cats. she starts with the usual birthday wishes, tells sungah what a great person and friend she is (but she's not, she knows she isn't, knows it deep in her stomach she can't be a great person when all she does is wish for something she can't ever have), and recounts all the ridiculous anecdotes they've racked up over the years.

like that time when sungah first started getting to know the girls and she couldn't for the life of her make a good impression for at least a week. they all joke sometimes that the ice was only broken because sungah would always buy food for everyone. and sometimes sungah doesn't think it's just a joke, and that maybe all she can do for them is give and give without getting what she really wants.

sungah's favorite part of the voicemail is towards the end, when she can tell hyuna is getting sleepy and she gets quieter, softer.

on a good day sungah would curl up inside her blankets, put the phone on speaker, and fall asleep along with voicemail-hyuna.

other days, she blinks back the prickling in her eyes and tells herself she'll delete it.

"i love you," the voicemail says, "i love you so much. happy birthday."
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