Apr. 4th, 2013


Apr. 4th, 2013 01:26 am
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massive post of reposting

Title: B-Sides
Fandom: RPFS, K-Pop, Kara/SNSD
Pairing: Hara/Jessica, Hara/Yoona
Rating: PG-13
Notes: hara is newly single, jessica is...

what time is it?! )

Title: By the Throat
Fandom: RPFS, K-Pop, f(x)
Pairing: Krystal/Sulli
Rating: NC-17
Notes: jinri and soojung are weird and creepy and it shows in the sex.

creepy hipsters who refuse to admit it )

Title: Don't You Dream in Your Sleep (It's Just Lazy)
Fandom: RPFS, K-Pop, f(x)
Pairing: Krystal/Sulli
Rating: NC-17
Notes: birthday sex

i scream, you scream, we all scream... )

Title: Mixed Business
Fandom: RPFS, K-Pop, After School/Hello Venus
Pairing: Ara/E-Young
Rating: NC-17
Notes: e-young putting her mastery of guitar to good use.

f sharp, a sharp, infinity )

Title: Spring Standards
Fandom: RPFS, K-Pop, Nine Muses
Pairing: Hyuna/Sungah
Rating: R
Notes: hyuna is an ass and doesn't let sungah nap

sungah almost regrets accepting the position in the group )

Title: Triple Trouble
Fandom: RPFS, K-Pop, SNSD
Pairing: Jessica, Tiffany
Rating: PG-13
Notes: secret agents au. jessica's in drag, tiffany's not as clueless as she lets on. one day I will fully develop this because I need more jeti in my life.

best laid plans going to waste )

Title: When I'm Small
Fandom: RPFS, K-Pop, Hello Venus/T-ara
Pairing: Jiyeon/Yoonjo
Rating: G
Notes: weirdos who get each other.

jiyeon is a brat and yoonjo... is yoonjo )