Jan. 1st, 2014


Jan. 1st, 2014 08:27 pm
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it's all porn, I'm so sorry.

Title: Youthless (Modern Guilt)
Fandom: RPFS, K-Pop, IU/T-ara
Pairing: IU/Jiyeon
Rating: R
Prompt: erotic hypnosis

look at me when i rock with you )

Title: A Heart Attack Called Lust
Fandom: RPFS, K-Pop, Nine Muses
Pairing: Hyemi/Everyone
Rating: R
Prompt: everyone in nine muses fucks hyemi

get lucky: the hyemi remix )

Title: If It's Not Keeping You Up Nights (What's the Point)
Fandom: RPFS, K-Pop, Nine Muses
Pairing: Sera/Everyone
Rating: R
Prompt: sera fucks everyone in nine muses

get lucky: the sera remix )
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